The Scions of Balance, book 1

In a world where ancient races still dwell, the events of an age-old prophecy begin to stir.  From the pages of an antique tome, there is much the ancients themselves have yet to learn.  The time has come for the Keys of the Origin to play their part in restoring balance to Aeldynn; but how will their choices affect the outcome?

Fate leads two young men down a road they would never have dreamed of following; a road leading them into a struggle to bring the world back into a state of balance from the precipice of madness and desolation. One is a righteous law-abiding servant to the people, the other a distinguished pirate, both are unknowingly about to play their part in a foretold bid for Aeldynn’s future.

It is not only Zehn and Larkh who are tasked with taking on the malevolent forces of Aeldynn; others must join them as they are coaxed into the embrace of the ancient Nays and their fabled Drahknyr, who are also entangled in the masterful puppeteering of a renegade sorceress hell bent on reviving the greatest threat of all. 


Tales from Aeldynn, book 1

From Armaran in the west to Icetaihn in the north and Zaern’Kairnell in the east, there are 10 unsung tales to be told. In the frozen north lies a crystalline fortress in the farthest reaches of a treacherous glacier, and in the east a demonic fissure beckons from the scarred depths of a formidable gorge. Long kept are the secrets in a silver forest cloaked in fog, and atop the highest peak in Armaran a prince seeks a pact with an ancient dragon. Somewhere in the norther lands is pint-sized bookworm with a penchant for adventure, and elsewhere covert operations take place at a vampire soirée. Many are the tales of Aeldynn. Here are the Endeavours of the Unsung.



* The Mindseer Oracle (The Scions of Balance, book 2).

* The Voyages of Greshendier (working title – part of the Tales From Aeldynn short story series).

* Warrior Rising (a novella about how Dhentaro came to leave Dhavenkos Mhal).

* (TITLE PENDING) A novella about Lerçadien & Daegar from the Crystal Fortress and The Scar of the Fallen God in Endeavours of the Unsung.