“Overall, I would say this is an exceptional book that I would happily recommend to
readers young and old that enjoy a good fantasy novel. Very well thought out, brilliantly written,
and I eagerly await the next installment!!”
– Jessica. 5/5

“I got this book the day it came out and read it in a week. I felt like I was there the whole time.
The way it’s been written just….I’ve not seen writing like that in a long time. Keep it up can’t wait for book 2!!!”
– Amanda. 5/5

“If you are looking for an epic novel in the same vein as Tolkien’s
Lord of the Rings, then look no further.”
– Anon. 5/5

“The book shows a lot of promise for future instalments! It is clear that it has the potential
to be an epic new fantasy series, and I look forward to seeing where the author is going to take it next.”
– Chris. 4/5

“We are teased into a new world of mesmerising characters and plot lines
then taken along awell-paced journey that saw me turning the pages faster and faster.”
– Anon. 5/5

“It’s been a long time reading, but this is one of the most engaging tales I’ve read in a long while.”
– Anon. 5/5

“This one of the most beautifully constructed novels that I have ever had the pleasure of reading!”
– Peter (The Grimdark Files). 5/5

“Real and honest characters with a fantasy setting, Keys of the Origin is creative,
addictive, the kind of novel you want to devour.”
– Liz Konkel (Reader’s Favorite). 4/5

“A full tale yet to come of epic proportions involving magic, elves and dragons-
not to be missed by fans of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.”
– Alice. 5/5

“A rich, evocative piece of storytelling that will probably reward re-reading at some point,
a promising debut from an up-and-coming fantasy author with a boundless imagination.”

Damien Black (Grimdark Fantasy Author). 5/5


If you enjoyed Keys of the Origin, please leave a rating
and comment/review on Amazon & GoodReads.

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