General Questions:

Q: I’m a literary agent/publisher/reviewer/journalist/other professional; what is the best way to contact you?
A: Please use the e-mail icon on the top bar menu on the right (that is the address for all of my author-related business), or you can make first contact on my social media channels. 

Q: I’m a staff/committee member of an anime convention (or other related geek event).  Would you consider attending one of our events as a guest?
A: I am definitely interested in appearing as a guest.  However, it is necessary that all expenses are paid and it may depend on the type of event.  Please make contact via the e-mail link to the right of the top bar menu.

Q: I’m a fan of your writing and have questions.  Can I send you questions about Aeldynn/your books directly via e-mail?
A: Of course.  Just fill out the contact form in the Courier section.  Please be aware, however, that I won’t be able to respond to all messages, whether it’s via e-mail or social media, but I will definitely try to answer what questions I can on this FAQ.

Q: You write to music.  What music artists have been the most influential for your writing?
A: There are too many to list, but Medwyn Goodall, Llewellyn and Enigma are among the main names in the world music/relaxation genre, but when we get to the really intense stuff we’re talking film score orchestras such as Two Steps From Hell, Future World Music and Immediate Music.  I’m also partial to a bit of symphonic metal such as Nightwish and Within Temptation.  I’ve conjured up many amazing scenes to all of these musicians.


Aeldynn/Book Questions:

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