Venildhráin vhar Aeldynn.  Éyn haeobh ye’n neamýhr ye’nen zhévst.
Welcome to Aeldynn.  I hope you enjoy your visit.


“The world has changed.  We are aware, even as we sleep.
To the Everlasting, no change goes unnoticed.
Power has shifted, people have failed, and the world suffers.
Long ago we ended war, and peace was brought unto Aeldynn.
Empty though, are the promises of mortals.

Forgotten are we who brought justice down upon the Aurentai.
Long forgotten are those who came before even us.
Not even the deities remember the truth about the Origin.
Did the Origin simply abandon this world to our charge?
Or did they simply leave us with no answer to fall back
on but the power of the Taecade Medo?”




“Overall, I would say this is an exceptional book that I would happily recommend to
readers young and old that enjoy a good fantasy novel. Very well thought out, brilliantly written,
and I eagerly await the next installment!!”
– Jessica. 5/5

“I got this book the day it came out and read it in a week. I felt like I was there the whole time.
The way it’s been written just….I’ve not seen writing like that in a long time. Keep it up can’t wait for book 2!!!”
– Amanda. 5/5

“If you are looking for an epic novel in the same vein as Tolkien’s
Lord of the Rings, then look no further.”
– Anon. 5/5

“The book shows a lot of promise for future instalments! It is clear that it has the potential
to be an epic new fantasy series, and I look forward to seeing where the author is going to take it next.”
– Chris. 4/5

“We are teased into a new world of mesmerising characters and plot lines
then taken along awell-paced journey that saw me turning the pages faster and faster.”
– Anon. 5/5

“It’s been a long time reading, but this is one of the most engaging tales I’ve read in a long while.”
– Anon. 5/5

“This one of the most beautifully constructed novels that I have ever had the pleasure of reading!”
– Peter (The Grimdark Files). 5/5

“Real and honest characters with a fantasy setting, Keys of the Origin is creative,
addictive, the kind of novel you want to devour.”
– Liz Konkel (Reader’s Favorite). 4/5

“A full tale yet to come of epic proportions involving magic, elves and dragons-
not to be missed by fans of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.”
– Alice. 5/5

“A rich, evocative piece of storytelling that will probably reward re-reading at some point,
a promising debut from an up-and-coming fantasy author with a boundless imagination.”

Damien Black (Grimdark Fantasy Author). 5/5


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